Fulfillment Framework

Get Clear on What Matters Most


What would be possible in your business if your actions consistently lined up with your priorities?

How would it feel to have a clear framework for making decisions? One that supports you to confidently choose the activities that are most important to your success. A framework to improve your productivity, relationships, AND bottom line?

The Fulfillment Framework for Business

Virtual Goal Setting Workshop

December 4th
9:30 AM- 1:30 PM


Create a different approach to success in 2021. An approach that’s saner and helps you focus on what, and who, matter most, while having fun producing the results.

It’s time to develop a less is more mindset so you can stop overcommitting yourself, and under committing to your goals, priorities, and most important relationships.

During the Goal Setting Workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  • Consistently work towards tomorrow while staying PRESENT to what matters today
  • Minimize distractions and maximize PRODUCTIVITY while improving your relationships
  • Reevaluate your PRIORITIES so that your actions align with your GOALS
  • Know your core VALUES so you live your life with purpose
  • Create a meta-view for the FUTURE you want
  • Establish your LONG-TERM goals so you know what to FOCUS on in 2021 to get you there

The Workshop will give you the framework for aligning your vision, values, goals, and priorities, allowing you to maximize productivity, minimize distractions, and increase not only revenue but joy and fulfillment.

After, the workshop you’ll find yourself consistently in aligned action, and your day-to-day life will become an expression for fulfilling the vision you’ve created.

Are you ready to start acting in order of priority and moving toward your goals with less stress, fewer distractions, more clarity, and more joy?

The Fulfillment Framework Workshop will provide you with the tools to build the business that will sustain the life you

want to live, not consume it.  


Hi, I’m Lisa Danforth, Business Strategist, and Leadership Vision Coach. My mission is to help business owners and leaders develop a saner approach to success. One that helps them stop overcommitting themselves and under committing to their goals, priorities, and most important relationships. My clients can confidently and consistently work towards tomorrow while staying present and connected to what and who matters most today.