How Do you Define Yourself?

We act consistent with who we believe we are.  For example, if you are an Olympic athlete you do everything possible to stay consistent with that identity…you live into that belief.  You get up in the morning, you train, you eat healthy, you spend time with like-minded people, you believe and act as if an Olympic athlete.  It becomes your persona.

We also act consistent with who we believe we are even if that belief is not true.  Someone who believes they aren’t smart enough or capable enough often lives into that belief as well.  They tend to not stretch themselves or push beyond their own self-limiting thoughts… they live into who they believe they are and stay safely within the restraints they’ve defined for themselves.

Our perceptions are our realities.

What we believe to be true, is true for us.

There are two sides to this, just as there are two sides to ourselves. The Sage and the Saboteur. Some beliefs encourage and support us to reach great heights, and others keep us staying safe and playing small.

The Saboteur

Whether you think you can 7.20.16Our Saboteur is our ‘Inner Critic’ or ‘Negative Self Talk’.  It has all the reasons why we shouldn’t push beyond our comfort zone or stretch our ideas of what could be so.  It tells us why what we want is stupid, selfish, or even dangerous.  It keeps us ‘safely’ boxed in.  We all have a saboteur, or two.

Our Sage is our ‘Inner Authority’, our ‘Wisdom’.  It’s the voice that says Yes to our goals and desires.  It moves us out of inaction into positive action, allowing us to feel capable and worthy and living into the best expression of ourselves, unapologetically.

The thing with the Sage and Saboteur is that they are both self-fulfilling prophecies.

It’s important not to ignore the Saboteur though, even if we may want to. Our saboteur is there to keep us safe. It has knowledge to share and shows us where the pitfalls may be so we can navigate around them.

As we become more aware of the lens in which we see and live our lives, it becomes easier to tease apart our story of what our beliefs are and where they come from.  As my Shihan says to his students, ‘Watch the movie, don’t be in the movie’.  When we are ‘in’ the movie we rarely see the full view of what is going on around us making it difficult, or nearly impossible, to be nimble and adjust where necessary.

Saying to your Self, ‘That’s the way I’ve always been, That’s the way my parents are, OR That’s the way I’ve always done things’, is your Saboteur.  It’s keeping you staying safe and playing small.

The Sage

The Sage says ‘Yes you can, you have unlimited potential’ and helps create a belief for us to live into that potential.  Having belief in ourselves helps clear away the mind clutter that creates inaction, it moves us through fear and makes way for greater self-confidence.

What really matters? What is your story?

How are you interpreting your life? How are you staying safe and playing small?  Do you feel there must be more but lack clarity on what it is you truly want?

Are you willing to stay boxed in because you’re afraid to look Fear in the face? The Saboteur is active.

Are you feeling open, at ease and capable? This is your Sage.

The Saboteur says = Feel Fear – It’s better to be playing safe and staying small…. pain of the known is often so much more comfortable than the pain of the unknown.

The Sage says = Feel Freedom – Step into your power.  You are smart enough, you are capable, Go for it. Carpe diem.

Use your Sage to knock down the walls of your Saboteur.

Change your perspective, Change your reality.  Would you like to learn how? Send me an email, I’d love to chat with you about it.

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