Client Success Stories

I wrote to Lisa, no, I RAN to Lisa for guidance after I realized that working 12+ hour work days were no longer serving me, my business or family best. Fortunately, my path crossed with Lisa several years ago when I attended a public seminar she held in Stowe, “communicate without apology.” It was a groundbreaking moment for me in my professional career.

Lisa was captivating, encouraging, motivating and allowed us all to be our authentic selves – WITHOUT apology.

When I RAN back to Lisa for support and coaching on leadership, I had no idea how much I would dive in, peel back and compassionately review my personal life AND how it relates to my professional life. I went in with the primary goal of developing stronger leadership skills, but left with a deeper understanding of myself, which has allowed me to lead from a more authentic place.

As it turns out, being exactly who I am, is really the best place to lead from – calm confidence and graceful accountability. Working with Lisa has been a life-changing experience and the best investment of my time, energy and money.

I feel incredibly lucky to have crossed paths with Lisa 🙂

Jenneth Fleckenstein

Co-Owner, Clear Water Filtration Inc

I have been working with Lisa for over a year and she has helped me transform myself and my business. While I had a pretty good handle on things myself and was “successful”, I knew I needed help to get to the next level of where I want my business to go.

Lisa has helped me set achievable, but aggressive goals, set plans in place to reach those goals, and held me accountable when I lose track. She does all the good things a “coach” should do. But what I love most about working with Lisa is that she let’s me “be me”. She asks questions, prods me, encourages me, and guides me. But she does so on a path that *I* have set to reach goals that are aligned with what *I* want. She doesn’t ask me to do anything I don’t actually want to achieve or go after business goals that everyone else thinks is best.

When I struggle with something or lack 100% confidence to pursue something in my business, I can always rely on Lisa to help me through the road blocks and give me the reassurance to follow my path and decisions. But she does so much more than just the “business” stuff. Lisa knows when I’m struggling in my personal life and understands how things outside our businesses impact our work. She has helped me to better understand my triggers, reactions, and responses to various aspects of life so that I can better manage all of those and be happier and more successful in all aspects of my life.

Lisa is my secret weapon and I can certainly say my business would not be where it is today without her help!

Jenn Herman

Founder, Instagram Expert | International Speaker, Author, & Consultant, Jenn's Trends

I had the good fortune to sign up for Lisa Danforth’s Boundaries Bootcamp.

It was excellent. Although I’ve done boundaries work in the past, it’s remained one of my biggest challenges.

Over the past few years I’ve done some serious personal development and healing work and I guess I was prepared to take on these invaluable lessons. Lisa knows her stuff and she is simultaneously kind and tough, I need a coach that will kick my a** and she did it in the most loving way.

As part of the work, participants did a values exercise. I was blown away to see that my values changed. In the past, my values were based on who I was then. They are now aligned with where I am headed.

This work came at the perfect time to help build the foundation of the next level of my life and my business.

I highly recommend working with Lisa, she is magic!

Donna Cravotta

After recently completing Lisa’s 7-week coaching program, I can say she will provide wisdom, systems, and challenging moments for your growth!

I have been in the real estate industry for 20 years. It is easy to work in your business and not on your business. For the first time, I have a meta view for the future and it feels fabulous.

Thank you, Lisa, for assisting not only me but many of my team members who also recently completed your coaching program.

If you are seeking to improve your personal and professional life, I highly recommend Lisa Danforth.

Aaron Bolster

President, Allied Realty

Lisa taught me skills that are essential to my success and the success of my team. There are so many ways she supports, teaches, and elevates her clients it’s difficult to encapsulate in a single testimonial.

I think the best way to illustrate what she did for me was how she pointed out to me toward the end of one session how my energy had changed – in less than 6 weeks, I’d gone from totally frazzled and working a ridiculous amount of hours to getting my schedule and the scheduling of my team under control and work getting done in a better & more timely manner.

I look forward to working with Lisa more. Do yourself a favor and do the same!

Jodi Lawaich

Chief Marketing Officer, Rural Solutions

I’m a word person yet I find it difficult to adequately describe Lisa Danforth and our successful coaching relationship; she brought so many intangible elements into the mix. Lisa brought compassion, understanding, and just the right amount of tough love to all our sessions.

I have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and Lisa understands what I’m experiencing, that I process information differently, and knows how to inspire and guide me. Her years as a coach and her ongoing commitment to remain educated about clients like me were precisely what I needed. Lisa is a real pro.

Leora Dowling

Public Speaking Coach

Lisa is phenomenal. Before we worked together, I was floundering in my pollyanna dreams, but with no idea how to really execute those dreams.

We spent time going over my ideal life, broke it down into three-month increments, and she figured out how to build me a day-to-day calendar that actually worked!

A few months later, we checked in to tweak it a little, and her ongoing support has been great. It was like magic, and having the calendar really keeps me focused and on-task. Love her.

Angela Todd

Archivist, Historian

Lisa is amazing as a business AND life coach (without separating the two)! From helping me clarify my business ideas to making sure my actions support my long-term goals, I came away from our coaching sessions extremely motivated and with a practical toolbox to help achieve my vision. Thank you, Lisa!

Tossy Garrett

Owner & Designer, Tossy Jewlery

Through working with Lisa I find that I am somehow now more accountable to my dreams, and my soul. My higher self. When I check in with her in the midst of a very busy day, where people are asking me to do 1 million things, I hear myself answering critical questions, and realize only later that she has been helping me to connect with my inner wisdom, the part of me that wants me to have a deeply meaningful time on the planet.

So often in the busyness of life, we forget to ask the critical question, “For who? For what?” I am finding her coaching enormously helpful.

Susan Randall

Woman Business Owner

After one initial call, I knew that I had found what I was looking for in Lisa’s coaching. She asked the right questions and quickly identified areas we could work on together.

I had worked with other business coaches before, and one of the areas I really needed help with was accountability. And BOY does Lisa hold me accountable! She goes above and beyond, staying in regular communication and holding me to my promises…promises to myself, to her, and to my company.

I tend to be scattered–like many entrepreneurs–but she helped me develop systems that prioritize what I’m working on and to also hold my team accountable for getting their work done.

It’s been almost a year since I started my work with Lisa and my company is not just surviving, but thriving through COVID. I couldn’t think of a better person to steward me through all of these changes.

In short, if you’re looking for a business coach who will help you develop strategies, prioritize your most important work, and help you find time for all your personal goals as well, I can’t recommend Lisa Danforth strongly enough.

Rich Brooks

President and Digital Marketing Consultant, Flyte New Media

I had the opportunity to hire Lisa as my business coach for almost a year. Her direction and support were invaluable in helping me expand my business. Her approach to holding me accountable came from a place of genuine concern for me and the growth of my business.

She helped me to identify the areas that were holding me back and then helped introduce systems that streamlined my time and increased my effectiveness.

I would highly recommend her and consider her not only a great coach but a friend.

Patrick Veroneau

Leadership and Sales Coach

Working with Lisa has changed my life! I have had trouble with boundaries and speaking up confidently with people I am intimate with in my life, my inner circle.

Lisa has helped me transform the way I speak. She has taught me about the power of pause. She has helped me get access to tapping into the power that I’ve always had, but I forget when I’m triggered or busy. If you are looking to get to the next level in any kind of business, work with Lisa.

Elaine Williams

I cannot recommend Lisa highly enough. I did her 8-week group coaching program (Structure for Success) and it was transformational.

Four weeks into the program, I had already made several pivotal changes in my business on Lisa’s supportive advice. It feels incredible to have her wisdom, supportive energy, and kind kick-in-the-pants every week.

Her whole approach is to create a vision for your personal life, then adapt your business to support that vision. Her program balanced hard-hitting advice with strategic homework, so I had to put in time to engage with the concepts and implement her templates into my workflow.

Now having worked with Lisa through the entire program, I cannot recommend her more highly if you are struggling to balance work and life, if you want to clarify your goals and make an actionable plan to reach them, or if you crave a savvy guide along your journey to make your job exactly what you want it to be.

Julia Scott

Lisa’s positive energy is contagious! With the perfect balance of understanding and honesty, she guided me through the process of prioritizing my personal goals and business goals.

I’m so thankful for the knowledge that I received during my time taking the 7 Week Program with Lisa.

I highly recommend her and look forward to seeing the benefits of her coaching in my life! 

Sara Hilton

Real Estate Agent

Lisa brings a combination of human, organizational and business skills to the table that has made her a great shepherd helping me wrangle new ideas, stay focused, stay accountable, and stay on track as I transition from one business model to another. 

Marion Abrams

Podcast Coach and Consultant

I believe that the words we choose matter. Lisa helped me see that I could improve my communications by eliminating two simple and casual words from my vocabulary. As a result I am a more effective communicator and bring greater value in service to my clients. Thank you, Lisa.

Tricia Senzel

Executive Coach & Business Consultant

Working with Lisa is a process that has required me to do the work needed to become very clear on what matters in my personal and business life. With this knowledge, I have developed and refined short and long-term goals and a road map for achieving them. 

This is an evolving process, and throughout the journey, Lisa has taught me more ways to be efficient, effective, and how to become aware of the habits and beliefs that hinder or encourage change, success, satisfaction, and joy.

This work is transformative and not for the faint of heart. I write this because – at least for me – I happily accept that practicing skills and striving to show up as the person, writer, and business owner I most want to be is a lifelong process. Now, at least, I have the tools I need.

Melissa King

Kingfisher Learning

Lisa is just AWESOME! Working with her allowed me to pause to explore and define patterns in my life that were not serving my values. Some I knew, and others I discovered during our highly interactive coaching sessions.

Together we outlined on my personal values and joys, and she would always refer our work back to its foundational essence: me! By entering into this structured yet fluid process, I was amazed at what we were able to discover together.

Lisa now has me thanking my Sabetour for negative information, but employing my SAGE to step into my power and create aligned opportunities. When life gets challenging, which it inevitably does, I now draw on useful tools to reframe the information to my benefit. My negative cycles are compressed, and the positive flow of life is prolonged.

Thank you, Lisa, for helping me with my total transformation!

Carolyn Loucas

Working with Lisa has brought whole new levels of awareness to my day to day life. Though I am no newcomer to the process of self growth, I’ve always had a very tough time actually making changes that stick and taking action.

I now have workable tools and insights that helped me see shifts right away (hooray!) and are naturally becoming more and more a part of my habitual thinking.

Beyond this, the biggest key factor for me has been Lisa’s unique ability to call me on my shit, hold me accountable and get me to actually take action! She does this with a direct, deft, loving and elegant hand. Big heart, no bullshit. I am extremely grateful to have had the chance to work with Lisa. This lady is one helluva gem!

Veronica Wirth

Business Owner

Before working with Lisa I was successful. I was successful but exhausted, overworked, overwhelmed and had terrible boundaries. My success came at a cost; one I paid in relationships, my health and my overall outlook on life. I questioned whether or not entrepreneurship was right for me (or I for it).

In a few short months I feel more in control of my schedule, my business, my life and my future. I have better boundaries and no longer work nights and weekends. I charge what I’m worth, something I’ve struggled with for years and it feels GOOD.

All things I strived to do on my own prior to meeting Lisa and just couldn’t execute on.

Lisa is a salve for the wounded and exhausted Entrepreneur. She breathes new life and fresh ideas into your life and your business. Money well invested!

Working with Lisa has been transformative to say the very least. She is in your corner, by your side and got your back, simultaneously. She is a coach, cheerleader and your biggest fan. She won’t simply give you positive feedback, but the tough love and (very) constructive feedback that is essential to get you past the hurdles you faced. After all, if you could do it on your own, you would have by now, right? Each week I look forward to our meetings and the new nuggets of wisdom I am about to receive.

Julie Goodall

Virtual CFO

Lisa is a bundle of positivity! She is very gifted in seeing the needs of her clients and providing a strategy to reach their end goals, both personal and professional. The 7-Week program was time well spent and very eye opening!

It was life changing for me and for that, I am very thankful! Lisa is very passionate about her coaching and brings a lot of wisdom to the table. Her systems have proven helpful in my day to day life and I’m loving the new boundaries I have set.

I highly recommend Lisa Danforth to help you get your personal and professional life in order so you can enjoy the things in life that are important to you! Thank you so much, Lisa! You are amazing!!

Nicole Witt

Real Estate Broker

Working with Lisa was the kick in the pants my business needed. For the past year plus, I have turned to Lisa for guidance and clarity.

Her upbeat, tough-love approach to coaching has pushed me to address the trouble spots in my business and has given me tools and techniques to refine my message and offerings.

Rather than tell me what to do, Lisa has a gift for pulling the answers out with a few tactical questions. One minute I’m floundering for an answer, the next I have a clear solution I can immediately implement in my business.

It is my pleasure to recommend Lisa as both a business coach and fierce advocate for my personal success. I leave everyone of our conversations feeling empowered, clear headed, and most importantly supported. Thanks Lisa! You rock!

Travis Bragg

Branding Expert

Lisa is the personal and professional coach that you want in your corner when you’re making significant and difficult decisions in your career and your life.

She is exceptional in helping you find your way to seeing your brilliance, tapping into your inner strengths, and believe in yourself. Her program, “Saying No Without Apology,” was my stepping stone to discovering my new path forward. Her energy, honesty, and compassion held me up as I moved toward achieving my goals.

Today she keeps a light shining ahead for me as my professional coach and keeps me focused on my way forward toward ongoing success and continuous personal growth. 

Ronda Berns

Sales Consultant, Coach, Trainer, and Strategist

I highly recommend Lisa for your next speaking event. Lisa had our group on the edge of their seats within the first few minutes by bringing her strong presence, story and valuable insights to the simple yet difficult to implement work-life alignment strategies.

Every attendee walked away wanting more, the sign of a fabulous speaker! I also want to mention Lisa’s professionalism in collaborating for the event and her willingness to share and spread the word with her audience, class act!!”

Michelle McGlade

Managing Director, eWomenNetwork

I am in awe of Lisa’s ability to truly listen during a conversation; this makes her such a great coach and business consultant!

As a new Vermont resident, I’ve had the privilege to both interview Lisa on my live Facebook show, as well as meet up with her in real life – since we now live in the same state.

I continue to be impressed by Lisa’s drive to help others and her commitment to her clients. Lisa can help you move forward if you are stuck in business as well.

I love her nonsense approach; you need Lisa in your business!

Dorien Morin-van Dam

Organic Social Media Specialist & Community Manager - Certified Agile Marketer

Working with Lisa through her Play Big, Be More Mastermind really set the ball in motion for me to take the next step with my business.

Before working with Lisa, I was overwhelmed and lost trying to get my business off the ground. With Lisa’s guidance, I was able to get very clear on my goals, understand how they fit with my values and determine what I need to do to reach them.

It sounds simple but having a plan for achieving my goals is a game changer! I have accomplished more in the last month than I have in the previous four.

Heather Frechette-Crowley

Root Marketing

I contacted her having a general idea of areas for growth, Lisa honed in on those areas and then delivered an engaging workshop for our entire team.

We now have a stronger baseline as a team to handle the challenges of our work and have been using the skills and techniques that she shared with us daily.

I’d highly recommend Lisa’s workshops for any small business looking for a customized, in-depth, and impactful professional development experience for their organization.”

Caitlin F.

Customer Programs Leader, Verilux, Inc.