” I found the courage and strength to make important changes and decisions so that I can simply be a better, truer version of myself.”

Stress-Less Holiday Season

Do you get stressed out about managing your time and getting everything done (work-wise and life-wise) during the busy holiday season?  I know I have over the years. Stress is like a sponge (especially during the holidays) - it sucks the joy out of our day … if you...

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Boundaries Without Apology

  Boundaries. Everyone has their own opinion, experience, take on them. A boundary is not a bad thing. It’s not evil. Having healthy boundaries doesn’t make us aggressive. Boundaries don’t make us rigid or unapproachable. I wrote about boundaries a little over a year...

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How Hiring a Team Helps You Make More Money

Hiring a first team member or expanding your team can bring a boost to your revenue and help you make more money ongoing. But the decision to hire takes time and processing. In my work as a business strategist, I help entrepreneurs examine what’s working and what...

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3 Action Steps to Combat the Comparison Trap

When entrepreneurs get caught in the comparison game, there is a choice. Sit there, stuck, and wallow in it or take action. Why is Their Grass Greener? As an entrepreneur, do you ever secretly wonder if you have what it takes …and all the other entrepreneurs know...

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Slowing Down So That You Can Gain Momentum

Too busy working IN your business to slow down and work ON it? Hell, that's like flying down the highway at mock speed with no time to stop for gas.  Doesn't sound very productive when I put it that way, does it? I know, I know, it goes completely against the grain of...

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Stuck on the Spinning Cycle

'I am SO done with the amount of work I'm doing'.  Ever been there? Said that? FELT that? Most entrepreneurs have at some point in their business.  It's not a fun space to be in.  Especially when all the hours you're putting in aren't moving the dial on your business....

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Are YOU Earning Your Busy Merit Badge?

Many of the entrepreneurs I know would give a resounding “yes” to that question!  Maybe you would too.  By the end of this blog post you might not feel so strongly about it, though. My private one-on-one work with clients always begins with getting them in touch with...

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Celebrating Success Invites More Of It

Do you set goals for yourself, work your tail off, push through the struggle, then simply give yourself a little nod (if that) when you’ve hit your target instead of celebrating your success? In talking with women, I’m hearing this is an all too common theme.  We set...

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Mind Mapping for Success

Do you ever feel like you're running all week long but when Friday arrives you haven't accomplished even half of your to-do list...and you're not quite sure what it is you did all week? Are there times you’re so darn busy getting things done, you don’t even see what...

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Goals Not Clear? Reverse Engineer

I've been talking with a lot of women lately about their vision for their business and what their long term goals are... and the answer I've been getting more often than not is,  'I don't know'. As a business strategist, one of the first questions I ask is "what are...

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Vision: The Glue That Binds

Having a clear VISION for what we want our Business AND Lifestyle to ‘look like’ (because they are not mutually exclusive) is the key in achieving our goals. It truly is the magnetic pull that creates a resistance to not be moving towards our dreams. Without a vision...

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Structure = Freedom

What comes up for you when you hear the word structure?  Does it give you a warm fuzzy feeling?  Maybe you bristle and want to run the other way?  Is the first word that comes to mind freedom?    Probably not. When I say the word structure to my clients, they almost...

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Procrastination: The Universal Inhibitor

Procrastination. Have you ever had days where you just can’t seem to get out of your own way? You’ve got a mile long to do list (one that you keep adding to each day, ugh), but everything else seems so much more important to get to instead of the things that actually...

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Mindset & Strategy= Success

As we start a New Year, and reflect on the previous year, how has the past 12 months been for you, successful?  Did you reach your goals? Did you fall short?  Did you have goals, and did you write them down?  As Benjamin Franklin said: I agree 100% with ole Ben. Many...

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The Lurking Fear of Anger

Anger. It’s a part of life. It’s a part of business. Yet, many of us seem to have difficulty with it. Acknowledging it. Expressing it. Even simply allowing ourselves to feel it. We’ve been taught over the years that anger isn’t pretty. It isn’t feminine. That we’re...

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Self-Discipline: A Mindset Shift from Push to Pull

Discipline, specifically self-discipline is a critical component to a successful and satisfying business. In fact, it was the underlying theme in response to a question I posed in a recent email asking women about their biggest challenge at the moment. Almost everyone...

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Motivational Mindset to Move from Simple to Done

Without mindset and compassion, even simple tasks never seem to get done, both in life and in business. How fascinating is it when we can know exactly what to do and yet, it remains undone. We know that to lose weight we need to burn more calories than we consume, yet...

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Business Boundaries to Protect What Matters

Boundaries. They’re critical in business and in life. Why is it when we talk about setting and having healthy boundaries it makes people so uncomfortable … as if boundaries are a bad thing that only abrasive and self-centered people allow themselves to have? Having...

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Work/Life Balance: Must it Remain Elusive?

A work/life balance is something many of my private coaching clients strive for. Work/Life balance—it’s tricky. Actually, I’d say it’s bullshit if I’m being completely honest. The concept of balance, in general, is ok, but balance isn’t always 50/50; in fact, it...

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Your WHY is Your WAY to Success

To be successful in both business and life, often the key is below the surface and we need to discover it to open the door on all that we desire. “What’s your passion—your why?” This is a question I ask women often. And it’s one of the most difficult questions for us...

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Get More Business By Understanding Your Inner Critic

The “Inner Critic” voice that lives inside and gets louder, often as we come closer to our dreams, can either hinder us or help us grow our business. In my work as a coach, I’ve often come up against my own inner critic and help other women entrepreneurs understand...

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Fear Regret More Than Failure

If you live your life from the perspective of fear, you don’t dare to push your boundaries. You stay with comfortable. Most people want more but their fear stops them from going for it. They don’t want to look stupid, or fail or make a fool of themselves. But if we...

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The Sage & The Saboteur

How Do you Define Yourself? We act consistent with who we believe we are.  For example, if you are an Olympic athlete you do everything possible to stay consistent with that identity…you live into that belief.  You get up in the morning, you train, you eat healthy,...

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