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” With Lisa’s guidance, I was able to get very clear on my goals, understand how they fit with my values, and determine what I need to do to reach them.” Heather Frechette-Crowley – Root Marketing

Navigating Distractions & Improving Productivity

Navigating Distractions & Improving Productivity Do you struggle with creating an environment that supports your productivity? What do you need to navigate those internal, as well as external distractions that keep you from doing the...

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How Shoulding Gets in the Way of Business Strategy

Shoulding & Business Strategy Strategy. It’s how we intentionally achieve what we desire, with more clarity and less effort. Shoulding. Let’s admit, shoulding all over ourselves as we move towards what we desire is not only NOT working, it creates roadblocks and...

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Boundaries, Balance, & Business Bliss

Boundaries, Balance, & Business Bliss “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom."   -Victor Frankl ~~~ Boundaries are the foundation, the underpinning, to the...

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Breaking Plates & Establishing Priorities

Breaking Plates & Establishing Priorities “Fitting in is the greatest barrier to belonging.” – Brene Brown   Brene Brown's quote jolted me awake as I was leisurely sipping my coffee and enjoying my morning reading a few weeks ago. It stopped me mid slurp and...

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Work-Life Balance: Vision Required

Work-Life Balance: Vision Required   1,800,000,000 That's the number of results that come up when I Googled Work-Life Balance. Dayyy-yum. Clearly, A LOT of people are working on their Work-Life Balance. How about you? Have you ever searched Google for some...

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The Value Of knowing Your Values

 Knowing Your Values As Oscar Hammerstein II wrote in the musical South Pacific: “You got to have a dream. If you don’t have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true?” In my last blog, I shared three tips to help you with your priority management so that you can...

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Struggle with Time Management? Do This.

Time Management As a business strategist, one of the struggles I hear most often is the topic of time management. Has this statement ever rolled off your lips? "I need to be better at time management." Here's the thing, time management isn't the issue. It's your...

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Creating a High-Performance Team

Creating a High-Performance Team   If you lead a team, are a part of a team, or want to increase your personal performance, here are the 5-main areas I’ve learned as a 27-year, five-time business owner that support us in working collaboratively, finding our...

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Riverbanks and Allowing Alignment to Flow…

Alignment Invites Flow I recently spent some time in Maine celebrating the 35th anniversary of my family’s bakery and restaurant.  Such a great time and what an amazing turnout- over 250 people came to celebrate with us!  It was an honor to listen to everyone tell...

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Stress-Less Holiday Season

Do you get stressed out about managing your time and getting everything done (work-wise and life-wise) during the busy holiday season?  I know I have over the years. Stress is like a sponge (especially during the holidays) - it sucks the joy out of our day … if you...

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Boundaries Without Apology

Boundaries Without Apology Boundaries. Everyone has their own opinion, experience, take on them. A boundary is not a bad thing. It’s not evil. Having healthy boundaries doesn’t make us aggressive. Boundaries don’t make us rigid or unapproachable. I wrote about...

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How Hiring a Team Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Hiring a first team member or expanding your team can bring a boost to your revenue and help you make more money ongoing. But the decision to hire takes time and processing. In my work as a business strategist, I help entrepreneurs examine what’s working and what...

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Slowing Down So That You Can Gain Momentum

Too busy working IN your business to slow down and work ON it? Hell, that's like flying down the highway at mock speed with no time to stop for gas.  Doesn't sound very productive when I put it that way, does it? I know, I know, it goes completely against the grain of...

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Are YOU Earning Your Busy Merit Badge?

Many of the entrepreneurs I know would give a resounding “yes” to that question!  Maybe you would too.  By the end of this blog post you might not feel so strongly about it, though. My private one-on-one work with clients always begins with getting them in touch with...

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Celebrating Success Invites More Of It

Do you set goals for yourself, work your tail off, push through the struggle, then simply give yourself a little nod (if that) when you’ve hit your target instead of celebrating your success? In talking with women, I’m hearing this is an all too common theme.  We set...

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Motivational Mindset to Move from Simple to Done

Without mindset and compassion, even simple tasks never seem to get done, both in life and in business. How fascinating is it when we can know exactly what to do and yet, it remains undone. We know that to lose weight we need to burn more calories than we consume, yet...

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Business Boundaries to Protect What Matters

Boundaries. They’re critical in business and in life. Why is it when we talk about setting and having healthy boundaries it makes people so uncomfortable … as if boundaries are a bad thing that only abrasive and self-centered people allow themselves to have? Having...

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5 Simple Steps to Get Out of Overwhelm and Into Action


Your Communication Style IS important.

It's time to shake up societal and internal messages around strong women leaders so you can step into conversations, negotiations, and relationships with confidence, clarity and intention.

Are you ready to understand and remove what’s getting in the way of your success so that you can confidently and consistently:

  • Stop saying “I’m sorry,” “I’m no expert, but,” or “This may be a silly idea…” and present your ideas with BRILLIANCE AND CONFIDENCE
  • END repetitive, unproductive, negative self-talk
  • Unhook from what others think so that you can confidently navigate YOUR JOURNEY to greater FULFILLMENT, increased IMPACT, and more MONEY

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Work less, enjoy more, and get your life back!

Is it any wonder WHY we struggle with Time Management? It seems to be a critical component to getting our work done, how we feel about our work, and,ultimately, how we feel about ourselves as an entrepreneur.

Download your tips sheet and discover:

  • How Clarity is the #1 key that unlocks the door to achieve the business AND life you want.
  • The right activities for your time and attention.
  • How healthy boundaries around your time is critical to your success.
  • The way to link every choice today to your goals and vision for the Business AND Life you want in the future.
  • The importance of daily reminders that your work and WHAT YOU DO aligns with who you ARE.

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5 Simple Steps to Get Out of Overwhelm and Into Action

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