Thermostat vs. Thermometer

What’s the difference between the two?

The thermostat sets the temperature. The thermometer reacts to the environment, fluctuating up and down.

I use this simple analogy when working with my clients.

If you’re struggling with your team, perhaps it’s conflicting communication styles that impact collaboration, productivity, or culture. Be the thermostat, set the temperature, mode, energy, and conversation instead of being a thermometer fluctuating with whatever the environment offers.

When you’re being the thermostat and influencing the environment rather than reacting, your team will be more likely to rise if you’re the one setting and emulating.

Use curiosity when you’re struggling. Are you a thermometer reacting to your environment and the people around you? Or are you setting the tone, energy, and expectations?

Be the person you want to be in creating a business and a life you want to live. Be the thermostat.