As we start a New Year, and reflect on the previous year, how has the past 12 months been for you, successful?  Did you reach your goals? Did you fall short?  Did you have goals, and did you write them down?  As Benjamin Franklin said:


I agree 100% with ole Ben.

Many of the women I work with have wonderful, exciting, BIG and PASSIONATE ideas for their business…what they want to do, where they want to take their business and the abundant income they want to create.

Then life gets in the way.  Chores need to get done, kids need to be shuttled from here to here, our time, and focus, is pulled in a dozen different directions…Every. Single. Day.  We’re so damn busy getting stuff done, we don’t see what needs to be doneCan ya relate? I know I can.

I’ve written a lot about the importance of mindset in business.  My belief is we need to shift our mindset so that we can create a clear vision of what’s possible AND believe we are capable.

And while I do believe mindset is the most important factor in creating a long term, thriving, profitable business, if you don’t have a strategy and plan in place to get you from where you are to where you want to be, statistics are, you won’t make it.

Here is 1 strategy to get you started in the direction of your dreams……it may seem super simple and oh so basic but it’s extremely important in your vision of what you want your lifestyle to be so that you can create the thriving lifestyle business you dream of.

Get super clear on the lifestyle you want as a business owner.

Be sure to set aside time to do this exercise when you don’t have any distractions or time restraints so you can fully focus, visualize and ‘feel’ the lifestyle you desire.

  • How many days a week do you want to work?
  • How many hours a day?
  • What hours of the day do you want to work? 5AM-1PM?  10AM-3PM? 9:30AM-1:30PM?
  • How many weeks off do you want per year?
  • Which weeks do you want off?
  • How much self-care and/or exercise do you need weekly to stay healthy? If it helps you stay focused and produce more with less effort, schedule it as a part of your work week.

Now grab your calendar…

  • Mark off the weeks you want for vacation
  • Mark the days per week you want to work
  • Mark the hours of the day you want to work, and mark OFF the ones you don’t
  • Mark down the self-care/exercise time
  • Schedule your self-care in your calendar, because when we feel better we do better, PHYSICALLY, EMOTIONALLY, and FINANCIALLY

Be sure to stay tuned for my next blog post where we’ll dig deeper into defining the lifestyle we want and creating strategy around making it happen!

I’d love to hear your comments. Are you ready create the lifestyle you want as a busines owner, consistently, intentionally and without apology?  Click Here to download an application for a free Clarity Consultation with me … let’s get you intentionally moving towards the life and business of your dreams, now.