Doing VS. Not Doing.

Not doing something requires constant self-control.

When you want to change a behavior or habit, set and focus on a positively framed intention, NOT a negatively framed intention.

Often, when we’re working on changing behavior we want to stop, our attention is focused on what we don’t want – “I need to stop procrastinating” or “I have got to stop overeating.” This requires a significant amount of willpower and self-control.

When I’m working with clients, they can often rattle off a dozen things they don’t want yet struggle with naming precisely what they do want.

Has that ever happened to you? Here’s what I suggest:

Write your list of what you don’t want, and for each one, flip it.

Framing it positively draws you forward towards the change you want.

Framing it negatively, and there’s a resistance.

It all starts with clarity.