Videos From Lisa!

Mastering The Art of Powerful Communication

If you’re in a position of leadership- whether owning your own business, leading a team, interacting with clients…or talking with you kids, this 1 & 1/2 minute video will help your communication be more intentional and less stressful.

Growing my Business 10X

How I grew my business ten fold.

How to say No with Confidence and Ease

A simple tip to master your time management so you can achieve your goals with more confidence and less overwhelm.

Communication, Expectations, and Letting Go

3 tips for communicating effectively, and letting go of your expectation of how the other person should, or needs, to react

Removing Yourself From the Dance

When we have an expectation of how someone ‘should’ react or behave, it takes control of us and we lose control of the situation.

Using a CRM to Quantify….

If we’re not quantifying our efforts in business, it’s difficult to be objective about what’s working in our business and moving us closer to our goals, or what’s not and simply keeping us busy.

Negotiating with Confidence

As an entrepreneur or business owner, we’re negotiating for more than we realized…and the first negotiation always starts with ourselves.

Give the Gift of Transparency

Communication is often an area where we trip up in business because it can feel uncomfortable to set structures and boundaries in place letting people know what our non-negotiables are.

You Can’t Keep One Foot on Shore and…

In order to achieve the success we want, we need to be willing to burn the boat


Boundaries Without Apology

We often avoid and don’t maintain boundaries because we don’t fully understand what they are or how to use them.