Opportunity vs. Distraction

Opportunity vs. distraction.

How do we discern between the two when something’s coming our way, and it looks really exciting?

The only way we can determine that is when we know what the goals are that we’re looking to achieve and the results we’re after.

We can then compare this exciting thing that’s in front of us and say this is a fantastic opportunity, but it’s a distraction in the long run.

Or we can look at and go eh, it’s definitely a distraction.

Only then, when we have clarity of goals and clarity of results that we’re looking for, do we align our choices more readily to see something that’s exciting but understand that it’s a distraction from our goals.

And see the opportunities as real opportunities; this is an opportunity, this is where I want to go, and the results of me investing my time and my resources into this activity will pull me closer to my goals.

If you’re struggling with ‘is something an opportunity,’ do I want to be doing it, or is it just a distraction? Slow down, look at your goals, the results you’re working so hard for. Will this opportunity that’s in front of you move you closer or is it 10 degrees off, and you’re going to wind up way away from where it is that you want to be?

Stress-Less Holiday Season

Do you get stressed out about managing your time and getting everything done (work-wise and life-wise) during the busy holiday season?  I know I have over the years.
Stress is like a sponge (especially during the holidays) – it sucks the joy out of our day … if you let it!
But I have a solution!
I’m going to ask you to do something that’s counterintuitive … Pause.
Yes, pause.
Take a deep breath, in this moment, while reading this (DO NOT add this to your to-do list!)
Seriously – give yourself the gift of a moment – THIS MOMENT – to think about…
  • What do you want to experience this holiday season?
  • If you had more time this holiday season, would you choose to…
    • …enjoy family traditions?
    • …relax with friends to celebrate the season?
    • …create a fun and innovative environment for you and your team to show up, contribute, and go home feeling fulfilled instead of exhausted?
  • Who do you want to BE? How do you want to show up? (I’m thinking the Grinch is probably not it …)
  • What do you want to experience?  Laughter, relief, community, ease?
What just came to your mind?
Take THIS moment to Comment below.  Write down what you want this holiday season to be, to FEEL like for you.
Fun Fact: Simply by writing it down – studies show we are 42% more likely to achieve what we want simply by writing it down.
You and I both know you’re working your @$ off.
Make it count!