Stuck on the Spinning Cycle

‘I am SO done with the amount of work I’m doing’.  Ever been there? Said that? FELT that?

Most entrepreneurs have at some point in their business.  It’s not a fun space to be in.  Especially when all the hours you’re putting in aren’t moving the dial on your business.

I know. I’ve been there. This is normal, trust me. But you can’t stay there long. Not if you want to make that business and lifestyle dream a reality.

It can feel a bit like being stuck on the spinning cycle, pinned to the walls and not able to step off…or even lift your head.  Kind of makes you dizzy and exhausted thinking about it, doesn’t it?

The question ‘Is your business running you or are you running your business?’ has been a big topic of conversation that keeps popping up with the entrepreneurs I speak with.

Being in business for yourself can at times feel like being on a run-away freight train.

You don’t want to quit (you have too much time and money invested) but you don’t know how to slow it down and you don’t know what to do.

Resonate with any of you entrepreneurs out there?  Especially the multi-passion entrepreneurs with 2-3 businesses.

So, the burning question is:

It doesn’t have to be so hard, but we do need to figure it out before overwhelm and procrastination sets in and it becomes even harder to get anything done.

Yes, you can gain control of your business and have a life again…a life that you enjoy and where your business isn’t running you.

One of the first questions I ask when an entrepreneur tells me they’re consumed by their business, and their work-life balance is completely out of whack (more on balance here) is:


‘How are you prioritizing your time?”


More often than not, they can’t tell me.  At least not with clarity and specifics.

One way to slow down while not losing speed is to simply keep a log of where you’re spending your time during your day.   It doesn’t need to be a big production, something simple like keeping a log on your cell phone will do just fine.

Awareness is key here. 

When we are aware of what we’re choosing to spend our time on, we can discern whether it’s productive and moving us closer to our goals, or simply busy time.

Awareness helps us make better choices.

If an action isn’t moving us closer to our goals, it is in fact moving us further away.  Time and energy spent cannot be recouped.

Better choices bring better results.  Period.

A tip I recommend is Time Chunking.

Most of the important work you do will require larger chunks of uninterrupted time. Yes, this means turning off our phone, closing out of your email and Facebook.

I even suggest hanging a ‘Doing Important Work, Do Not Disturb’ sign on your door so people (i.e. family if you work from home) know to not interrupt you. (More on setting Boundaries here…)

To experience the most success with Time Chunking, schedule your day in advance.  This can be done first thing in the morning or perhaps at the end of the day, planning out your following day.

When you time chunk AND schedule your day in advance, you’ll be more efficient and effective in your day.  You’ll be more productive and be able to create more time (and income) for what’s important.

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